Special transports  
   Heavy duty transports

Our experience - your advantage

Our experience has shown that especially in this respect there are massive differences between the individual transport companies.

Apart from our expertly trained and experienced project leaders, our company also relies on state-of-the-art equipment and a highly effective fleet of vehicles, with air suspension and heating, enabling us to move your heavy-duty equipment in a professional manner. You will have an expert logistics team at your disposal for your removal project and you can make use of the fact that all the work can be planned and contingencies provided for in advance so that unpleasant surprises can easily be avoided both at the old and the new premises. This is but a small part of the Fuchs Full Service offer.

   The right tools are essential

Who has never been in such a situation? Everything has been planned and then, on the day of the move, important parts of the puzzle are missing which would have been required to ensure a smooth and problem-free procedure. Using our experience in cooperation with you we will be able to exclude such scenarios with a 100 per cent certainty and will guarantee a timely relocation without any delays.

Our everyday "tools" comprise not only employees, materials of all sorts, special vehicles and actual tools of all kinds, but also planning work, logistics and the experience required to move goods far beyond standards such as size, weight, etc.

Preparatory work is also required, as is finishing work both at the old and the new premises. You can entrust all these to our experienced personnel - it is no coincidence that our company is the market leader in the field of business removals. You too should count on the best.

   Well-trained personnel

It is a unique feature of our company that we dispose of a team of specially trained special-task experts within our group of workers that are particularly trained for the transport of machines - an initiative of our company that originated many years ago. This team of experts is familiar with all the different packing materials specifically designed for the packing of EDP equipment and is trained in the handling of special tools such as air bags, cranes, patented tools and heavy equipment skids.

For more information on our trained personnel and special teams please refer to
"Fuchs Academy"

Well trained personnel guarantees your success!


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