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Your stock of files: secured, dry and easily accessible.

Over the years and sometimes even over decades, every company (but occasionally also collectors of documents or the like) accumulate enormous quantities of files that need to be properly stored, be it for legal requirements, reasons of book-keeping or also just for the sake of archiving them.

Office space is expensive, as are regular storage facilities. Our company owns especially equipped and adapted file archive facilities to store 120 customary A4 ring binders on as little space as just 1 m2, while making them easily and quickly accessible and available.

We offer companies the chance to store their files in our archive center in a clean, safe and easily accessible manner and at a reasonable price.

   Safety and flexibility are our primary goal - 48 hours availability service

All files are locked up and may be removed from our archive and/or brought forward for inspection by way of our own courier service only after prior consent given by their owners. Within 2 working days of this consent, your file will be at your disposal. This requires a well-organized concept of file storage, provided by our specially trained personnel and our department of logistics, who will also be happy to adapt this concept to your personal needs.

120 ring binders stored in one square meter
With the help of our research and development department we have been able to create a storage facility that enables quick access to your stored information. It goes without saying that your documents are under optimum protection in this dry and safe environment, which is necessary because some of these files need to be stored for thirty years or even longer; for this reason, the choice of a reliable market leader is essential, for it is your own security that is at stake.

After the compulsory period for retaining records has expired…
you will certainly not have to carry out the proper disposal of all the paperwork yourself - we will take that off your hands, and, of course, we will also provide any required documentation of such waste disposal if needed. Please read more under "Disposal"".

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